White Woodlands Sonic Diffuser - GIFT PACK

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White Woodlands Sonic Diffuser - GIFT PACK

Diffusers are designed to operate by ultra-sonic technology. This technology works by the vibration of water, rather than heat, ensuring a superior and safe product for your home. Our Diffusers have been specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our Fragrance & Essential Oils for maximum efficiency. Once in use these oil molecules are dispersed into the air combining with fine mist particles, resulting in a gentle release of fragrance. Our Diffusers also display LED multi coloured light options. This combination of soft lighting and delicate mist will create a special ambience in any space.

Diffuser Functions:

• 100ml tank

• Two timer settings, on & intermittent

• Fragrances areas of up to 30m2.

• Turns off once minimum water levels are reached.

• No chemicals or heat are required.

• Use tap water to vaporise your favourite Fragrance or Essential Oils.


1 x Diffuser

1 x 10ml Essential Oil

1 x Merry Christmas Woodwick candle tin

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